Elkanin was the first Arabian mare we acquired. My parents bought her for me in 1994 for $800; she was nine years old at the time. I was wanting something more energetic and responsive than my QH gelding and Elkie proved to be that and so much more. She was a very beautiful with noble disposition as well as being extremely intelligent.   She had been trained, by her first owner, how to bow, rear, paw, lay down and sit.  Elkie could also jump 4 feet with ease.

I had Elkie for four glorious years before we were hit by a terrible F5 tornado on April 16, 1998. We survived without any harm but Elkie was less fortunate. A huge pine tree fell across her back breaking it and snapping one of her back legs severely. I ran to her cries for help as soon as I could. She was very calm while we cut the tree off of her with a chin saw and rolled the tree off so we could examine the damage as she continuously nickered to us. She was beyond help and there was nothing we could do. It was hours before the roads could be passable and the vet was out of town. My husband had to shoot her. It was very painful for him as he walked up to her with the gun and she nickered to him for help. She feels no more pain now and is sorely missed.

   Elkie was a daughter of Elkinema who was sired by U.S.  and Canadian National Champion Stallion, *Elkin, and out of a General Grant daughter. Elkie's dam was, Omegaa, who was sired by Komsul and out of a Radamason daughter. Elkie was 67 1/2 % Crabbet and 32 1/2% Polish blood. She was full of trot and was very noble and was used for trail and jumping and she loved to run. She loved to be groomed and loved attention. She had two foals before we bought her; two colts. Their names are Lancer's Hawk and Sambaska. I have never seen these geldings but would love to find them. If you have any information on these to geldings please contact me.


  Elkinema *Elkin++ Aquinor
*Bint Dorseema General Grant
*Count Dorsaz daughter
  Omegaa Komsul Sulejman
Kelvin Frisette Radamason
Twin Lakes Mermaid




This is a picture of her when we took her to be bred at Forever Arabian Farm in Cullman, Alabama to Forever Czar. She had her third foal on May 5, 1996. It was a cute chestnut filly. I was lucky enough to witness the whole birth. I tried to get it on tape but the video camera didn't work for some odd reason. Elkie was the perfect mom. She took care of her foals wonderfully and would always let you play with them as much as you wanted.

This is a picture of me with Elkie performing her bow. Elkie was a trick horse. She could count, rear, bow, sit and lay down on command. She was trained before we got her. She was shown as a yearling in halter but I'm not sure if she placed or not.

This is a picture of Elkie and I after a lunging work out.


Foals out of Elkanin

If you have any information on the colts out of Elkanin please email me at fczara@hotmail.com 

Name Reg. # Born Sex Sire
Sambaska 412334 '88 gelding El Sabask Sarab
Lancers Hawk 460676 '90 gelding El Sabask Sarab
Forever Elkin 534016 '96 mare Forever Czar

Elkie with Forever Elkin as a foal.


Be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." Hebrews 13:5 NIV


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