(Komsul  X Kelvin Frisette)



It was a cool, wet March afternoon when we pulled up to the farm. I was so excited about finally getting to see one of my mare's, Elkanin, dam. I was unable to see her sire because he had died a few months before I located him. There she was, standing there in her shaggy winter coat and muddy from being in the we pasture and still looking majestic. She was 18 years old at the time in 1998. Her present owners were very kind people. They bought her  at an auction were they saved her from being bought by the horse meat buyer. She was saved from death. She had been very poorly neglected, half starved and foundered. She now is in great shape and is loved and well cared for.

Also at the farm, Omegaa had two colts. They were maternal brothers to my Elkie. I was so happy to be able to meet this old mare of royal Arabian blood.




Omegaa's Pedigree

    Fetysz (Bakszysz X Shamnar)
    Fasila (Rasim X Fejr)
    Namir (MirageX *Namilla)
    Komyrah (Elahmar X Koweyt)
    Al-Marah Radames (Indraff X Guthe)
    Velzore (Ketter x Kerioth)
Kelvin Frisette      
    Indraff Raffles X Indaia)
  Twin Lakes Mermaid    
    Al-Marah Haramiye (Rafik X Al-Marah Hirfa)

Foals out of Omegaa

If you have any information on any of theses horses please contact me at 

Name Reg. # Born Sex Sire
Poncho Bey 279908 '83 gelding Bay-el-Antonne
Elkanin 317469 '84 mare Elkinema
El Lee Sirraff 342057 '85 stallion Jhyad Reni Sirlee
El Kalila 365241 '86 mare Jhyad Reni Sirlee
El Selena 405747 '88 mare El Sabask Sarab
El Blue Angel 456865 '90 mare El Sabask Sarab
Prince Ali Ababwa 502162 '93 stallion El Kazarro
  unregistered   colt  
  unregistered   colt  


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