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Pet & Meat Rabbits

We breed rabbits for eating and for pets. Our rabbits come in a wide variety of color and gentle personalities. They are also good sized rabbits with lots of meat on them for those interested in meat rabbits. Our buck, Randy, is a New Zealand White. Our does are New Zealand and New Zealand crosses chosen for good sized bodies and the large litters they produce. Our rabbits are fed a diet of our local Co-op rabbit pellets, hay and grass and forage from our yard and garden in the warmer months.

Rabbits are perfect for anyone interested in producing their own, healthy meat source. No hormones and free of antibiotics. The white meat is lean and high protein.  They are easy and affordable to raise and process. They also produce the best garden fertilizer ever! Just add it directly to your garden.

Rabbits for Sale 
$10 each live
$20 breeding rabbit
$15 each dressed and frozen whole





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